Hey der. Long time no see. I just wanted to introduce you to some of my friends. Frienzzo, Tiger Stripe, Red Diamond, and Helena. There are others, but im to lazy to tell them all now :P. Anyways... I got a new blonde kitty named Tom :) I LUV TOM!!! Silly Drawing in about a week. Ciao
Happy ThanksGiving

Yay! Collored! Anyways, enough distractions! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I drew a fun little thanksgiving Picture that will be inserted after thanksgiving dinner is done! :D. Also expect some Doctor Who Drawings! BTW I'm a DW fan! :D

Today is my BIRFDAY!!! Yay! I love my life. Just spending time with my friends(Drawing will be up soon) and my cats! :D Also some updates I'm trying to find a good animation program so I can animate Shaz and friends! ;DDD. Also... BIG NEWS one of my friends DEZO the Dragon will be attempting to draw dragons! I will share pics with you on the website! It would be great if you could show him support! >.<

    I'm Shaz!

    Hi! ;) I'm shaz and I love cats! There so soft and cute! Since I loved to draw plus my love for cats.... Why not draw cats?!